Ault's Wool Fabric Cutter (AWFC)

Ault's Wool Fabric Cutter (AWFC)


This is the Ault machine which cuts wool fabric. It is a clamp-on machine so you will need the edge of a table, two-step stepladder or any other place that it can be clamped down. It can clamp onto an edge that is about 2 inches or less thick.

The Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutting (AWFC) machine is really easy to use. No equipment is needed to change cutter cartridges. Just life out one cartridge and rop in the next one. It is smaller than some of the competitive models. Lighter, simpler to operate and made here in the good ole USA. We contract with a family manufacturing company located right up the road from our own workplace. This Mennonite operation uses the latest manufacturing equipment available to produce our cutter and it’s cutter cartridges. The machine comes to you via USPS and we always have machines in stock and ready to ship. Shipping is $20.00.

We also stock a complete line up of cutter cartridges which fit our machine and also the Townsend/Beeline machines. We assemble and do quality control work on the cutter cartridges right in our Shelby, Ohio, USA facility.

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